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We look back on the week past and ahead at the same time. Traffic is lighter. Brunch beckons. Time moves slower. Light in the kitchen glows on the floor. Plant. Broom. Chair. Power tools. Time to finish what we started.


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Bought some yellow paint

For the kitchen wall today

Maybe it’s too bright? 


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Monday morning mist. It’s been a while since the fog has lifted from my brain and I wonder when it will shift from a flurry of thoughts into clarity of insight. How the days shift from one perspective to another. We go about our day in these funny self-referential states only to invite nighttime’s succumbing to the unconscious and the whims of dreams.

Haiku January 14th, 2013

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Endlessly waiting

Requires a lot of patience

The wasting of time


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Waiting requires patience.

Patience requires the ability and willingness to wait.

Why is it so hard to wait for some things and not others?

Why is it easy to be patient with some things and not others?

Patiently waiting

Muir Woods

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Muir Woods


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The haiku today

Is rather perfuntory

Sometimes it just is